The Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day Parade and Festival is a day long, family oriented cultural event that that brings together two internationally recognized holidays into one big festival. The combination of music, culture, food, interactive games, prizes and special attractions translates to what has been described as a Super Sized Fiesta.

The festivities kick off with a unique type of parade that we like to call “Parranda Cinco de Mayo”. Parranda Cinco de Mayo is participatory parade that leads community groups, folkloric dancers and parade goers alike for 15 blocks to the 7th annual Cinco de Mayo Festival in Sunset Park.

The parade route covers fifteen blocks in one of Brooklyn’s most popular commercial strips where the onlookers are also invited to join and take part of the Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day festivities.

The Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s day Parade and Festival as stated by the name celebrate two mayor holidays. According to a survey done by Brand Keys mother’s day is celebrated by 92% of Americans and Cinco de Mayo has been adopted by Northen Americans as is celebrated more in the United Stated by Mexicans as well as non Mexicans rather than in Mexico where the celebration is limited to the state of Puebla.

Based on past events and the amount of additional publicity and quality of artist, we estimate that this year over 10,000 people will attend and enjoy the daylong, family oriented festival as we are expanding our target audience to other nationalities and adding a number of more attractions such as food eating contest and other activities. As a community oriented company, parts of the proceeds from this event are donated directly to local schools for special cultural and arts programs.